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News 08/11/2020

Kimia Farma Pharmacy Offers Various Facilities

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us more active at home, from work to study to worship. The hope is that we do not catch the virus or even spread the virus. The problem is that due to the pandemic, we also wash our hands more often, use hand sanitizers, and experience stress from the boredom.

This not only decreases our health, weakens immunity, but also has the potential to cause various diseases. For those of you who live in the Pondok Cabe area and its surroundings, now a branch of Kimia Farma Pharmacy has opened in the SouthCity Square shophouse, Pondok Cabe with number A1-05. As we know, Kimia Farma is a subsidiary of BUMN and is engaged in the pharmaceutical industry; is also the first pharmaceutical industry company in Indonesia which was founded by the Dutch East Indies Government in 1817 ago.

For those of you who can’t leave the house with social distancing and government regulations, don’t worry, now Kimia Farma provides a digital application called Kimia Farma Mobile and can be downloaded on the Appstore and Google Play Store.

“This application is expected to be a solution for providing health services that can be used by the community to obtain assistance and health needs during a pandemic,” said Wisny Sucahyo – General Manager of Kimia Farma Business Development.

In addition, Kimia Farma is also working to optimize its home service for users of Kimia Farma outlets.

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