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News 11/09/2020

LatesUpdate Regarding Corona Virus in Indonesia (11 September 2020)

The corona virus pandemic in various countries is still showing no signs of decreasing. Including in Indonesia, positive cases of the co-pandemic corona virus in various countries have yet to show signs of decreasing. Including in Indonesia, positive cases of the corona virus continue to increase. As of Thursday (10/9), there were reported the addition of 3,861 new cases. Corona also continues to grow. As of Thursday (10/9), there were reported additional 3,861 new cases.

With this addition, now the total positive cases of the corona virus in Indonesia have reached 207,203 from the previous 203,342. This figure is based on data displayed on the official website of kemenkes.go.id.

Meanwhile, the number of positive corona virus patients who died increased by 120. With this number, the total number of patients who died reached 8,456 from the previous day 8,336.

However, the number of corona virus positive patients who have recovered is also increasing. As of today, 2,310 patients are reported to have recovered from corona, bringing the total to 147,510 from the previous day, namely 145,200.

Meanwhile, the number of suspected cases to date is 95,501. While the test specimens carried out in the last 24 hours were 34,909 samples.

DKI Jakarta Province has experienced an increase in positive cases of the corona virus in recent times, even the average increase every day reaches 800-1,000 cases.

Due to this condition, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan pulled the emergency brake by re-enforcing the PSBB strictly as it was at the beginning of the corona virus pandemic.

All offices, except 11 sectors, are asked to re-implement the work from home (WFH) system starting Monday (14/9). Then, all entertainment and tourism places are also closed, places to eat or restaurants are required to implement a take away system, activities that involve the gatherings of people are prohibited, and online motorcycle taxis (ojol) are prohibited from carrying passengers again.

Health protocol discipline is still the main key in suppressing the spread of the corona virus. Therefore, people are urged to continue implementing health protocols.

The following is the distribution of the Corona virus based on age in Indonesia:

Is it true that men are more susceptible to contracting the corona virus as analyzed by health experts?

In Indonesia, more than half of the patients (data as of September 3, 2020) are male. (male: 51.72%, female: 48.27%, unannounced 0.01%)

Sources: covid19.go.id; corona.jakarta.go.id; Kementrian Kesehatan; kompas.com

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