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News 10/11/2020

Satisfying food for Only Rp. 99,000 at Kitamura Shabu-Shabu

The All You Can Eat Restaurant at affordable prices is still excellent for millennials, especially grilled meat and shabu-shabu. One of the affordable shabu-shabu restaurants is Kitamura Shabu-Shabu at a price of IDR 99,000 for a full meal.

One of the newest Kitamura Shabu-Shabu restaurant branches in Pondok Cabe, to be precise at SouthCity Square shop no B1-18.

Kitamura Shabu-Shabu offers two packages tailored to millennials, including the Makushita package (Rp. 99,000 ++) or Yokozuna (Rp. 129,000 ++). The difference in this package lies in the choice of beef served. For the Makushita package, there are two types of beef, namely Australian Beef and US Prime Beef, while for the Yokozuna package you can add Wagyu beef which can be eaten as much as you like.

In addition, there are several variants of soup to complement your shabu-shabu dining at Kitamuram, namely collagen chicken, tomyam, cheese and spicy miso. Apart from that, there are also various shabu-shabu menu choices such as various fish balls, crab meatballs, tofu, mushrooms, corn, mustard greens to pokcoy.

For those of you who love to eat shabu-shabu style food, you must try it at this affordable prices!

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