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News 17/10/2020

Complete menu of contemporary milk coffee of Kopi Kulo at SouthCity

Coffee is one of the “contemporary” drinks which is very popular among people of all ages, from young people to adults. In this modern era, the deliciousness of coffee is increasing with many innovations in developing coffee menus. By combining the strong taste of real coffee beans and added with various other ingredients, Kopi Kulo is a pioneer coffee shop that provides the best menus for you true coffee lovers. Now, the most ‘trendy’ and delicious coffee menu variations are here for you in South Jakarta. Kopi Kulo is now opening its outlet in SouthCity Square 1 shophouse number B1 / 16.

The menu at Kopi Kulo SouthCity is always updated for customers, so you can always be the first to experience the latest and popular menu from Kopi Kulo. Starting from classic favorites such as Es Kopi Kulo, Es Kopi Cheese, and Ice Chocolate, to other delicious innovative menus such as Avocatto, Cookies n ‘Cream, and Es Matcha Latte and Es Matcha Cheese, you can taste all of them at Kopi Kulo SouthCity. To add to your coffee drinking experience, Kopi Kulo SouthCity provides a large parking area for you to visit freely. With a comfortable place combined with a delicious and innovative menu, you can have a memorable and satisfying culinary experience as a coffee connoisseur.

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