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News 26/06/2020

Corona Update in Indonesia (26 June 2020)

Positive cases of the corona virus in Indonesia are still increasing, reaching more than 50,000 cases. Meanwhile around the world, the corona virus has infected more than 9.2 million people. According to the data, the addition of positive cases in Indonesia began to increase since June 6, namely around 800-1000 people per day.

The following is the curve of corona virus transmission in Indonesia based on data from the Ministry of Health

In the last two weeks, until Thursday 25 June, the addition of positive cases in Jakarta has moved in the range of 80-200 cases per day. Positive cases in Jakarta, now there are more than 10,000 people.

As of Friday (25/6) patients recovered to 5,435 and 631 cases died.As of Friday (25/6) patients recovered to 5,435 and 631 cases died.

The Covid-19 pandemic currently facing Indonesia and most other countries is a common problem that must be faced. President Joko Widodo reminded all parties to have the same understanding and produce an external work from all groups to handle it.

The same understanding is also expected to grow in the community. In practice, the community plays a role in efforts to deal with the spread of Covid-19 in various regions in Indonesia. Forms of support that can be done by the community include disciplined application of health protocols in their daily activities.

The following is the distribution of the Corona virus based on age in Indonesia:

Is it true that men are more susceptible to contracting the corona virus as analyzed by health experts?

In Indonesia, more than half of the patients (data as of June 25, 2020) are male. (male: 52.8% female: 47.2%)

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