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News 31/07/2020

Latest Update Regarding Corona Virus in Indonesia (31 July 2020)

The Indonesian government recorded an additional 1,904 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 today Thursday (23/7), bringing the total to 106,336 people.

Meanwhile, around the world, the corona virus has infected more than 17 million people.

The following is the curve of corona virus transmission in Indonesia based on data from the Ministry of Health:

As of Thursday (30/7) there were 1,904 positive cases added, 2,154 recovered patients and 83 deaths.

Most of the patients recovered from East Java province with 445 cases recovered. In the province, the number of recovered patients has reached 14,064 patients. The second highest number was in Central Java province with 377 recovered cases, with a total of 5,139 recovered cases.

The third largest number was in West Java, with 334 recovered cases, a total of 3,949 recovered cases. Meanwhile, DKI Jakarta province also recorded an additional 189 recovered cases and a total of 12,803 cases.

DKI Jakarta Province is the largest contributor to new cases today. Namely a number of 397 cases and the total has reached 20,969 positive cases. However, the province with the highest number of positive cases was in East Java, with the addition of 288 new cases, a total of 21,772 positive cases.

Apart from these two provinces, the province with the third highest number of positive cases is in South Sulawesi, with the addition of 95 new cases today, a total of 9,346 positive cases.

Meanwhile in Central Java there were an additional 161 new cases and the total reached 9,281 positive cases. West Java province followed with the addition of 147 new cases with a total of 6,461 positive cases.

In cases of death, the number still increased by 83 cases. The total number of deaths to date stands at 5,058 cases. The highest number of deaths was in DKI Jakarta with the addition of 19 cases and a total of 817 cases.

The second highest addition of death cases was in East Java with 14 cases and the total reached 1,677 cases, which is the highest nationwide. The third most additions were in Central Java with 12 cases and a total of 606 cases.

As of today the number of suspects is 53,723 and specimens 30,046. In terms of regional distribution, it has increased to 476 districts / cities.

The following is the distribution of the Corona virus based on age in Indonesia:

Is it true that men are more susceptible to contracting the corona virus as analyzed by health experts?

In Indonesia, more than half of the patients (data as of July 30, 2020) are male. (male: 52.23%, female: 47.75%, unannounced 0.02%)

Sources: covid19.go.id; corona.jakarta.go.id; Kementrian Kesehatan

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