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News 08/01/2021

Latest Update Regarding Corona Virus in Indonesia (January 8, 2021)

Corona cases in Indonesia continue to show a soaring graph.

Today, Friday (8/1), there were an additional 10,617 positive cases, as of now a total of 808,340 people have been infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Meanwhile, there were an increase of 7,446 patients recovering. In total, there have been 666,883 people in Indonesia who have recovered from corona.

The bad news is, the number of patients dying per day is 233 people. This figure adds to the death toll due to corona in the country to 23,753 people.

Meanwhile, today’s positive case results were obtained from examining 66,619 specimen samples. Meanwhile, the number of suspects, or people who still have to be monitored, is 69,121 people.

The following is the distribution of the Corona virus based on age in Indonesia:

Is it true that men are more susceptible to contracting the corona virus as analyzed by health experts?

In Indonesia, more than half of the patients (data until January 8, 2021) are male. (male: 50.83%, female: 49.16%, unannounced 0.01%)

Source: covid19.go.id; corona.jakarta.go.id; Kementrian Kesehatan; kompas.com

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