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Unlimited Fun Under the Sun

Car-Free Day

SouthCity goes car-less every Sunday to promote a car-lite lifestyle with fun-filled activities: visitors can enjoy their morning exercise and also indulge themselves in some delicious street food and shopping along our boulevard. If you are interested in renting a tented kiosk during Car-Free Day, the registration is open in our Marketing Gallery every Monday to Thursday, from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. We will provide the facilities and help you prepare them for the weekly Sunday bazaar before the start of Car-Free Day.

Jogging Track

We feature a 1,122 m jogging track around SouthCity that you can easily access from two entrance points: near the SouthCity bridge and from the side of the main road after the Marketing Gallery. Enjoy your morning as you inhale the fresh air and run along the winding jogging track that offers breathtaking views of nature.

Basketball Court

Coming soon. We are building a new basketball court to enhance the facilities in SouthCity. The basketball court is designed to be a spacious arena for entire communities to gather and have fun.

Soccer Field

Coming soon. To offer additional facilities, SouthCity will be building a soccer field. We will provide our residents with a comprehensive sports hub that includes a basketball court and soccer field. The soccer field is designed to be a large sports arena where residents can train and enjoy exciting athletic games with family and friends any time they want.

Outdoor Gym

Coming soon. SouthCity is pleased to announce a new outdoor gym. With access to a wide range of sporting equipment for your workout, it is now easy to embrace a balanced and active lifestyle in SouthCity.

Ready for Some Fun Under the Sun?