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Berita 30/06/2020

Change Your Lifestyle To Be Environmentally Friendly With The Following Tips

Nowadays, environmental problems such as high pollution and global warming are worrying many people. People are shifting their lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly in order to save the earth. You can also be one of the green heroes. Check out some of the tips below for those of you who want to live a green lifestyle that can be practiced in homes and apartments:

  1. Reduce plastic waste

The easiest and simplest way to start an environmentally friendly lifestyle is to reduce plastic waste. You can start by stop using plastic bags while shopping and replacing them with cloth bags. Apart from that, you can also refuse using plastic cutlery like straws, forks, and spoons when buying food outside. Always use products that can be used repeatedly to reduce plastic waste.

  1. Save electricity and water

Another easy way to start a green lifestyle is to save energy. Its goal is to help reduce the carbon footprint on earth. You only need to routinely turn off electricity at home when you are not using it, such as turning off the lights during the day and use natural light. You can also use less of the dryer while washing. We recommend that you dry clothes in direct sunlight to reduce electricity and water.

  1. Shop at zero waste stores

When you are ready to live a green lifestyle to the fullest, you can try to start shopping at zero waste stores. The shop sells household products such as shampoo, dish soap, bath soap, and so on in bulk. You just have to bring your own container from home. If you regularly shop at zero waste stores, in time you can reduce the amount of household waste drastically.

Some of the routines above may sound trivial but can be very influential if they are done regularly by everyone. You can start with your own family. For those of you who want to choose a private residence, you can choose an apartment that can support this green lifestyle. The Parc is one of the South Jakarta apartments that was built for a cosmopolitan community but still maintains a beautiful residential concept. Surrounded with a 75% green area, you can feel the soothing nature elements in everyday life. In addition, the design of each unit that is made to receive maximum light can make it easier for you to save energy, especially electricity from lamps. So? Are you ready to live an environmentally friendly life?

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