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News 16/06/2020

Most Popular “Trending” Snacks

Millennials today must be very familiar with the term “contemporary”, right? This word is usually used to describe something that is trending in the community. This time, we will discuss something contemporary from the culinary world, namely some snacks that are certainly familiar to many people. Have you tried everything?

  1. Mango sticky rice

This snack from Thailand has boomed in Indonesia in 2019 in the community, especially millennials who never miss anything new. As the name implies, this snack is served with white sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and added with fresh mangoes. Before eating this snack, don’t forget to pour the thick coconut milk and black sesame sauce on to make it even tastier.

  1. CornDog

This one snack originates from America and is very well known in Asia, especially in Korea and Indonesia. CornDog, which consists of cornmeal and sausage in it, is usually available in a large and thick form on a skewer. Better eaten with tomato sauce or chili sauce and mayonnaise, even mozzarella cheese.

  1. Boba drink

When discussing contemporary snacks, it’s incomplete if you haven’t talked about boba drinks. This one snack originated from Taiwan and started to become a “king” in today’s culinary world. Almost everyone must have tried and even become addicted to the taste. This drink generally consists of boba balls made of tapioca flour mixed with milk mixed with brown sugar. However, now there are many variants of boba drinks, such as boba with red velvet and matcha flavors.

  1. Korean street food

Lately, Korean roadside snacks or better known as Korean street food have many fans. How? The taste is delicious and unique that also complements the Indonesian tongue. The most famous snack is tteokbokki or chewy rice cakes eaten with Korean red spicy sauce. There is also odeng or fish meat satay and fried squid and octopus. Korean-style restaurants in Indonesia generally provide a variety of these snacks as side dishes.

Have you tried them all? Or maybe interested in tasting some? Take it easy, even though these dishes come from various countries, you can find the delicious snacks in Indonesia’s culinary center, one of which is SouthCity Square which will be filled with various eating places in various nuances. At SouthCity Square, you can find western, chinese, japanese, korean dishes, and of course Indonesian specialties. While enjoying various delights in the culinary world, you can also spend a fun time with your friends and family. Designed as a modern hangout place, SouthCity Square not only provides a “contemporary” atmosphere, but also comfortable atmosphere.

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