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News 16/06/2020

Weekend activities you can do with the kids at home

The weekend is always the most fun time of the week. For a few moments, you are given time to rest from busy activities. To make your weekend even more special, you can use it to spend quality time with your family, especially with children. For ideas, you might consider the following activities to do together this coming weekend:

  1. Movie night in room

As a first idea, you can invite the children to spend time together watching their favorite movie. Make the room as comfortable as possible: You can turn off the lights in the room and then arrange a place to sit together. You can use a bean bag, roll out a carpet, or just sit together on the bed. Use a projector facing a wall as a movie player. To make it even more festive, you can prepare popcorn or other snacks for the kids to enjoy throughout the film.

  1. Bake cakes together

Besides relaxing while watching movies, you can also invite the kids to bake cakes together on the weekends. Take them to the kitchen, as well as teach them to use cooking utensils. You can ask them to help decorate the cake or ask them to mix the dough. This activity is guaranteed to be very enjoyable for children who tend to like trying new things, and it can also make them more creative and skilled.

  1. Planting trees or arranging a garden

It’s no secret that children are filled with explosive energy. You can invite the children to channel their energies outside the home, more precisely in your garden. Planting trees, trimming flowers, and watering plants together can be fun activities for curious kids. While arranging the garden, you can teach them about the importance of protecting nature and so on.

It is very important for parents to spend time with their children so that they can grow up with good and smart personalities. Children’s childhood can determine their future, which is why it is important for you to give the best for them from an early age. One way is to choose housing that is comfortable, environmentally friendly, and safe. Fortunia Residences comes with all the comforts and is made especially for family life. With all the best facilities and a personalized home design, you can raise your children in comfortable, warm and harmonious area.

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