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News 12/11/2020

Ampera Noodles, Delicious Halal Noodles

For those of you who are a fan of Indonesian snacks in the form of chicken noodles, Bakmi Ampera is a must try.

The delicacy of various kinds of noodles, wide noodles, kwetiau, vermicelli coupled with chicken meat topping as well as additional dumplings and meatballs, and combined with tasty broth make Ampera bakmi favored by many people from the past until now.

One thing that distinguishes Ampera bakmi from other noodles is the noodles that are made every day and without preservatives so that they are guaranteed fresh and healthy. Not only that, the dishes they offer are Halal, no pork / lard.

You can go directly to Ruko SouthCity Square A1-18, Pondok Cabe to experience the delicious Ampera noodles.

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