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News 03/07/2020

Some Mistakes During Quarantine That Affect Your Skin Health

Since running activities at home during the pandemic, you may begin to feel changes in your skin. Sometimes this also makes you wonder, even though you are already at home but why do pimples appear? Isn’t it true that by staying at home, your skin should look better because you are away from the pollution and dust in the outdoors? Is there something wrong with your place of residence? To answer that question, let’s take a look at some of the following mistakes you can make unconsciously during quarantine:

  1. Not changing pillowcases

During quarantine, you may forget to change pillowcases regularly. In fact, a lot of invisible dust sticks to your pillow every day. If you sleep every night on a dirty pillow, of course this can cause acne and other facial skin problems. To avoid this, make it a habit to change pillowcases and sheets at least once a week.

  1. Too often install air conditioning

Did you know that indoor air can be just as dirty as the air outside? Especially if you turn on the air conditioner or AC too often. Dust from the air conditioner can pollute the air in the room to cause your skin breakouts. Stop making this mistake by regularly cleaning the inside of the air conditioner and turning it on a maximum of once a day when needed. Apart from that, you can also use an air purifier in each room to filter out dust and dirt. Using green plants to purify the air is also highly recommended.

  1. Rarely to let light into the room

When you are on the move from inside your house or apartment, it could be that 100% of your time in a day is spent in a closed room. This makes you rarely get sun exposure so you lack vitamin D which is very good for skin health. Open the windows and let sunlight in. Basking in 20-30 minutes in the morning sun is very necessary for beautiful and healthy skin. Don’t forget to use sunscreen so that your skin doesn’t get red and is maintained.

So that the skin is always healthy and youthful, you must stop making any of the above mistakes. A clean environment and a beautiful residence are the keys to a healthy self. A residence with good air circulation and lighting can support you in maintaining a healthy body. The Parc is a modern urban apartment in the south of Jakarta which is located in a beautiful area consisting of 75% green areas. Built with the best design, each unit of The Parc apartment is designed with the residents’ welfare in mind. Maximizing sunlight and smooth air circulation can positively affect your health. Therefore, The Parc is the best South Jakarta apartment for you to live a more peaceful and healthy life.

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