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News 23/06/2020

Some criteria for millennial ideal housing, agree?

The millennial generation is indeed known as the most modern generation because they create many innovative and creative ideas that are in line with contemporary world trends. In fact, it is the current trends are determined by millennials. One of them is regarding the trend of ideal housing. When it comes to choosing where to live, millennials have different tastes from their senior generations. What are you curious about? Just check some of the following ideal millennial housing criteria:

  1. Small spaces for the win

Millennials are fans of simple, elegant and classy minimalist residential trends. Therefore, they want a house that is not too big, such as a studio type apartment with one bedroom. Millennials who are open-minded and practical like this type of residence because it suits their need for a place to live that is easy to organize, clean and decorate. Minimalist housing with a size that is not too large can support a millennial lifestyle that is busy and productive.

  1. Residential with an urban atmosphere

Millennials are close to the habits and lifestyle of urban communities. They fit perfectly into the atmosphere of modern and bustling urban life. Most millennials really value their time which can be spent building their careers and ambitions. Therefore, living in the city is a millennial dream that focuses on success and self-development. A city that is the center of all needs and entertainment can create a proportional lifestyle between professional life and millennial social life in accordance with the motto #workhardplayhard.

  1. The best place to stay at an affordable price

Millennial is indeed number one in terms of seeking maximum satisfaction with minimal spending. They are good at managing finances and independently in finding solutions to financial problems. Regarding housing, of course they want a place to live that offers the best facilities and the best price. Therefore, millennials are interested in having apartments that can be owned at affordable prices and have thousands of facilities that can support their lives.

Millennials represent today’s smart, fast-paced and productive society. Apartments can be a choice of residence that can support the lifestyle and needs of millennials. One of the apartments that is suitable for millennial housing is The Parc, which was built as a property project that rivals the current standard of residence for South Jakarta apartments and Tangerang apartments. With a strategic location bordering three big cities – South Jakarta, South Tangerang, and Depok – The Parc was built with an elite and classy concept that you can have at affordable prices that can benefit you compared to other millennial apartments.

The Parc is equipped with internet facilities with the fastest network, the most complete sports facilities, and a bustling area that reflects urban life. The Parc also carries the concept of coliving, which is a modern urban lifestyle that allows every resident to live together in a beautiful and harmonious environment. The Parc is perfect for millennials who prioritize careers and social life, because at The Parc, all these needs can be fulfilled easily and quickly.

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