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News 02/07/2020

Advantages of Living in a Large City Apartment

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to settle in a large urban area. Living in a big city can indeed help in pursuing your career, having access to the best facilities, and enjoying a pleasant life in a city that never sleeps. However, it is good to keep in mind that it is not easy to find the ideal place to live if you decide to move to a big city. Exorbitant prices, limited areas, an uncomfortable environment, and a location that is not strategic are some examples of the challenges you must face when trying to find your ideal home. Therefore, apartments exist as solutions and answers for modern cosmopolitan people with dreams of living comfortably in urban areas. Here are the benefits you can have by living in an apartment in a big city:

  1. Elevated Security System

Living in a big city means more exposure to greater risks related to security. Apart from criminal acts, you also must be aware of natural disasters such as floods that usually hit big cities during the rainy season. If you choose to live in an apartment, your security is certainly more guaranteed because of security team patrolling the facilities. You can also seek immediate help for any unforeseen events.

  1. Cheaper prices

Apartments that are built for urban communities have lower prices than ordinary houses. If you live in a big city with a lot of expenses, you should consider buying an apartment to support your financial life. Buying a reasonably priced apartment can also be an investment, as an asset make profit in the future.

  1. Strategic location

If you live in a big city, difficulties can occur such as transportation costs and long distances to travel. Sometimes two points in a city can feel far away due to the enormous size of the city. Apartments can be the solution because they are built in strategic locations with many accesses to modes of transportation and major routes that you can use to travel quickly and easily.

So, interested in moving to a big city? In Indonesia, Jakarta is the flagship city where The Parc resides. The Parc can be a residential solution for people looking for an apartment in South Jakarta, with a strategic location, complete facilities, and guaranteed security. The Parc’s location is also proven to be flood-free unlike 80% of other Jakarta areas. In addition, The Parc is also located on the border of three major cities: South Tangerang, South Jakarta and Depok, so you can easily travel when you need to. You need not worry about transportation and access, because The Parc is only 15 minutes from MRT Lebak Bulus and to busway stops in the area.

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