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News 15/06/2020

How to Arrange and Decorate Apartment Living Rooms

Apartments are now a popular residential alternative for many people, especially for the millennial generation. Apart from supporting their creative, productive, and active lifestyles, the apartments that are offered in this modern era come at quite cheap prices with the best quality. One of the affordable apartments that offer extraordinary facilities and are located in a strategic area is The Parc apartment. Built in the SouthCity area bordering South Jakarta, Depok and South Tangerang, The Parc’s position in the middle allows residents to easily go to various entertainment venues and important locations such as Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) and the University of Indonesia (UI). The Parc unit in the first tower, Summer tower, has sold 95% in just a short time. Seeing the high number of enthusiasts who want to live in the apartment, there are a few tips that can be shared with new apartment owners in arranging the living room so that it always looks neat, aesthetic, and comfortable:

  1. Replace the table with floating shelves

Using the table in the living room is natural, the table is also an essential piece of furniture needed to place various objects. However, excessive use of a table in one room can cause the room to be cramped, congested, and reduced space. The appearance of the room will also seem unsightly if there are too many items that are not needed. Better to use floating shelves or hanging shelves to replace additional tables that are not essential for placing things such as books, photos, or lamps. Floating shelves are also easy to find because they are sold in almost every furniture store, supermarket, and also online shop which even sells at lower prices and with more variants. The use of floating shelves can provide more space for movement and also enhance the appearance of your living room. Get ready to be complimented by guests who stop by!

  1. Install a mirror on the living room wall

It turns out that there is an easy and practical way to make your living room appear two times larger than it really is, by installing a mirror on the wall in an appropriate manner. Simply provide a mirror large enough, at least three quarters of the area of ​​the wall. This size is considered the right fit because it is not too big and not too small. Next, install a mirror on one side of the wall only. Do not install mirrors on all sides of the wall because it can reduce the beauty of the room. A mirror should also be installed opposite the window so that it can reflect light from outside into the room, so that your living room will feel brighter and create a more cheerful environment.

  1. Install the carpet to beautify the room

Another trick in decorating a living room is to install a carpet. Installation of a carpet can give the impression of a more cheerful, colorful room, and can also make you comfortable because you can sit in the living room when inviting many people. Don’t forget to pay attention to the pattern of the carpet so that it matches the color of the room so that it is always eye-catching.

Apart from the tips and tricks above, you can also decorate the living room with other elements such as lighting and displays at will. So, have you decided what you want to decorate your new apartment with?

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