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News 17/04/2023

Darts Indonesia Focuses on Child Development Through Art Activities

Most parents instinctively know that art is important to their children. But apart from that, there is a lot of factual information about why art is important for the development of children which is interesting and worth knowing. Doing art activities will basically develop a child’s ability to interact with the world around him, as well as provide new skills for self-expression and communication.

Art may seem like sheer fun or play. But you may not realize that children actually learn a lot by exploring art and doing art activities. Your children will acquire useful life skills through art, such as communication, problem solving, social and emotional skills, and fine motor skills.

Art is a process of creating, exploring, discovering and experimenting. Through self-expression and creativity, children’s skills will develop naturally, and their ability to be creative will increase greatly. Doing art activities allows children to work through their feelings and emotions so that their growth and development will be more optimal. Therefore Darts Indonesia is present at SouthCity Square no. A1-26 with a focus on 3 classes, namely visual arts class, music art class and dance art class. So what are you waiting for, register your child today, for their future.

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