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News 15/07/2020

Pantry Decoration to Beautify Your Apartment

The Pantry is a modern kitchen in the form of a special area for cooking and preparing food. The pantry size that is smaller and simpler than the kitchen makes you more effective in cleaning and caring for it, including in decorating it. Take a peek at some interesting decorations that can enhance your pantry’s appearance in the apartment:

  1. Hanging shelf

If you want a fresh and attractive atmosphere every time you cook, you can try to use a hanging shelf as a pantry shelf. You can decorate the hanging shelf with greenery or put cooking utensils on it. With this hanging shelf, your pantry can look tidier, more organized and cleaner. You will definitely be more enthusiastic when cooking when surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere like this.

  1. Chandelier

Lighting is an important thing available in your cooking spot. Use a white LED pendant lamp to keep the air in your pantry fresh and cool. For the aesthetic side, you should choose a chandelier with a colored shade, or it could be a shade that has a pattern such as marble, wood, and so on.

  1. Neutral colors

For a simple and minimalist impression, you can decorate your pantry by giving matching neutral colors. You can apply it to the wall, or you can also choose the furniture used in the pantry such as cooking utensils, stools, shelves, and other furniture. Neutral colors also provide cool air in your pantry while cooking, so you can feel more comfortable.

Modern residences such as apartments also provide modern facilities and designs for residents. At The Parc, we provide the best facilities for every unit, from studio to one and two bedroom types. Each studio unit is equipped with a wide window and faces a beautiful view, while the type one bedroom and two bedroom have a beautiful balcony as your private place to enjoy fresh air in the morning and a beautiful view at night. Each pantry and bathroom is equipped with tapware and water flow control that is smooth and good, so you can move easily every day. The design of each unit has soft colors with warm and natural nuances. The elegant wooden tile floors and doors used are carefully installed so that they can be used for a long period of time. Classy furnishings and natural materials make every living space have modern reassuring qualities and advantages. Here, we only give the best, so you can live quietly and peacefully in all modern facilities that are classy and elegant.

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