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News 04/07/2020

Important Public Facilities That Must Be Near Your Homea

Wherever you live, always make sure that the house is in a safe and affordable location from anywhere. Therefore, before you choose a place to live, check and know the various public facilities available in the area to maintain a peaceful life. Here are some of the most important public facilities that must be around your home:

Medical facility
Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc. must always be accessible from your residence. Various health facilities are very important to be near you as an anticipation of the risk if there is a sudden unwanted event related to health. Ensure that hospitals and health facilities located in the residential area have complete equipment and a guaranteed reputation.

Educational facilities
Every parent must have a dream to send their children to the best educational institutions. Therefore, before you buy a residence, make sure that there are the best educational facilities that are easily accessible from the place of residence. This is better than sending your child outside the city. If there are good educational facilities nearby, your child can have the opportunity to receive the best education without having to be far from home.

Transportation facilities
Public facilities related to transportation such as gas stations, bus stops, train stations, and so on are needed to support your daily mobility with your family. If your place of residence is far from transportation facilities, of course your daily activities can be hampered and productivity will decrease. Homes that are far from transportation facilities can also force you to use private transportation which is more expensive because you have to refuel every day.

So, have you checked what public facilities are available in the area around where you live? Don’t let your chance to live easily be hampered because you choose the wrong residential location. Luckily for you, because now, there are modern residences in the south of Jakarta which are very strategic and located in areas with the most complete public facilities. The Parc is an apartment with the best location bordering three major cities: South Jakarta, South Tangerang and Depok. Needless to say, there are the best public facilities available around The Parc. The MRT and the Lebak Bulus Transjakarta stop are only 15 minutes from The Parc, as well as the Cinere-Jagorawi and Depok-Antasari toll roads which can make it easier for you to travel to important areas in Jakarta. For health facilities, you don’t have to worry because Puri Cinere Hospital is only 10 minutes from The Parc. You also have the convenience of getting the best education for children with the BPK Penabur Cinere and Harapan Bangsa School which are only about 5 minutes away.

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