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News 25/06/2020

Attractive Bathroom Decor Ideas for Your Apartment

The bathroom is the most personal place in every home because it is a place for you to spend time alone to clean and calm down. However, the bathroom is often a part that is not considered when designing a home. In fact, a well-maintained, clean, and comfortable bathroom can improve your mood every day, because you will most likely spend the morning in the bathroom. Here are some ideas for decorating a bathroom to make it look attractive and comfortable:

  1. Use one-color decorations

One-color decorations can give a bathroom a minimalist and elegant impression. We recommend that you use light neutral colors like white and cream. Both colors can give your bathroom a clean, spacious, and bright look even with a little lighting. You can apply these colors to decorations such as wallpaper, doormats, and flower vases that can be placed in the sink.

  1. Give it a touch of green

A one-color bathroom does give off an elegant and classy feel, but you can complement the look of your bathroom by adding a touch of green. Put some indoor plants in your bathroom such as peace lily or english ivy which can give a refreshing natural impression. Apart from adding to the beauty, indoor plants are also able to protect your bathroom from fungus and make you relax while in it.

  1. Display wall decorations

Don’t leave your bathroom walls bare! Don’t hesitate to display some simple wall decorations such as motivational words or a small shelf to place aromatherapy candles. However, make sure the color of the wall decor you choose matches the feel of the bathroom, yes! Also, make sure not to buy too many displays so that your bathroom still looks minimalist and isn’t too crowded

Some of the decoration ideas above can be an inspiration in decorating the bathroom in your future apartment! Therefore, in choosing the right apartment, don’t forget to check every facility in the unit provided, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Many apartments offer spectacular additional facilities but pay less attention to the facilities in each personal unit.

At The Parc, you don’t have to worry about unsatisfactory unit designs, because The Parc pays attention to your space and provides personal residential facilities that provide maximum comfort. Starting from the location of the window that provides maximum lighting, a spacious classy bathroom, and a variety of apartment layouts that adapt to the needs of residents, The Parc always cares to provide the best housing for you in the southern area of ​​Jakarta.

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