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News 29/06/2020

Attractive Furniture Ideas for Studio Apartment

Choosing furniture for residential is very important. The furniture you choose can determine the atmosphere in which you live as well as your comfort. For studio apartment housing, you must choose furniture with the right size so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Here are some furniture ideas for studio apartments that can make you feel more at home and comfortable:

  1. Minimalist wall shelf

Wall shelves have now become popular furniture for apartment dwellings. Apart from its small size and placement that does not take up much space, wall shelves also have an attractive and modern look to decorate your apartment. Use a minimalist wall shelf in neutral colors such as white, black and gray to decorate the living room. You can put it on the television, above the door, on the sofa, or above the window as you wish.

  1. Wardrobe rack beside the bed

If you are accustomed to storing clothes in a large wardrobe, you can turn to a wardrobe rack or clothes hanger rack. In addition to a more attractive and aesthetic appearance, the size is much smaller than a wardrobe so it can save space. Wardrobe rack is also equipped with wheels so that it can be moved easily. You can use a combination of wardrobe rack and minimalist small drawers in your apartment as a substitute for a much bigger wardrobe.

  1. Divider for placing items

Dividers are furniture that can separate the bed area from other areas. Dividers can also be used as a place to put items because of their hollow shape with storage racks. You can use it as a place to put books, greenery, or small lamps. This one piece of furniture can also beautify the room because of its aesthetic design.

Besides being able to beautify the room, various interesting furniture can also make the studio apartment feel more spacious. For students and those of you who are focused on a career, comfortable and efficient studio apartments are suitable to support your productive and active lifestyle. The Parc provides the best studio apartment housing for those of you who choose to live alone. With the best design, your studio apartment has a kitchen area and a bathroom that is classy and modern. You also don’t need to worry about price, because The Parc always provides a variety of installments and attractive promotions for those of you who are going to buy your first occupancy.

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