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News 09/07/2020

Ideas for Using That Empty Space in Your Home

For young couples who have just bought a house, your home can feel lonely at first because you only live together. Especially if you buy a house with a large amount of space. Instead of being left blank, you should make use of the extra space at home as a place to meet various needs. Here are some interesting ideas that can be an inspiration in decorating an empty room in your home:

  1. Hobbyist room

You must have hobbies and interests that you want to do every day, right? If so, you can use the empty room in your house as a special place to do things you like. You can conjure up an empty room according to your hobbies, for example into a music room, painting room, painting collection room, and so on as you wish.

  1. Work space

You certainly need high concentration when working. An empty room at home can be used as a space for work or study as needed. With the space to work at home, you will be more productive and focused than doing something in the bedroom or in another room.

  1. Relaxing room

TV, bean bag, colorful lights, music player, even a movie projector can fill an empty room in your house if you make it a relaxing space. Imagine how nice it would be if you had a special place to spend the weekend with loved ones and unwind. The lounge is also a place where you can read books without being disturbed or take a comfortable nap, whatever you want.

Who would not be happy if you have a spacious and peaceful home for your family? Surely it is everyone’s dream home. Now, this dream home is present at Fortunia Residences as a quiet and harmonious residence in the south of Jakarta. Every house in Fortunia Residences has a number of rooms that are more than enough for you and your family, where every room available is designed personally and thoughtfully for the comfort of each occupant. You also feel serenity not only indoors, but also outdoors: a green environment makes a place to live beautiful and fresh, equipped with classy and pleasant shared facilities. Fortunia Residences is the best place for you to raise a family free from the hustle and bustle and pollution of Jakarta.

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