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News 18/06/2020

Attractive Business Ideas for Those of You Who Want to Do Business

To achieve a successful business, you must become an entrepreneur that always work creatively. Make sure you understand the needs and trends that are happening in the community today, so you can determine the direction of your business. Here are some interesting business ideas that you can run as a main business:

  1. A cafe or coffee shop business

Needless to say, cafe and coffee shop businesses are blooming and it is not common for these businesses to make big profits. This very high popularity is due to the millennial generation who are very fond of spending time with friends or hanging out together in cafes. In addition, cafes are also a popular place to eat because they serve food at prices that are cheaper than restaurants, but with no less delicious taste. You can try to open your own cafe with a creative theme, such as a pet café or a 90s theme cafe. The more interesting your cafe concept is, the more visitors will be interested in coming.

  1. Boutique business or clothing store

If you are interested in fashion, you can try to open a boutique or clothing store. Recently, many independent boutiques and clothing stores have had their success. This is because the public’s interest in clothing styles and appearances has increased, especially for teenagers and socialites. This boutique business is easy to market, because you can rely on social media and online shops in this modern era. Think of an interesting concept to apply to your boutique, for example a boutique specifically for pregnant women, or a specialty store for baby clothes and supplies, even a retro thrift shop that is ‘Trending’ among millennials.

  1. Photo studio business

Photography can be considered as one of the contemporary business opportunities. Today, the widespread use of social media has attracted many people to use photographers to make indivudals take more attractive photos on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. You can take advantage of this opportunity to open an independent photo studio business. Apart from targeting individual customers, you can also target other customers such as clothing or food brands to use your services. This venture can provide promising long-term returns.

So, are you interested in starting a business? Or do you have other ideas that are just as interesting? Whatever it is, you can try to start slowly, but keep in mind a business’s success is based on their location. SouthCity Square as an entertainment and culinary center for many people that can be the business center for you. The shop houses offered are located in a strategic area, which is at the entrance to the SouthCity area, also located adjacent to South Jakarta, South Tangerang and Depok. In addition, the shop houses have creative and classy designs, with much larger in sizes compared to other shophouses and are marketed in competitive prices. With these various advantages, you can increase your chances of successful business up to two times, in making sure that your business can keep growing and progressing.

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