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News 07/07/2020

Want Complete Life? Living in a Superblock Apartment is the Solution!

Today many apartments have been built in urban areas. All of them offer you interesting features and facilities, but there is an important thing that differs between them, namely the location. Some apartments have a more favorable location than others, which provide residents with more advantages and comfort. One of them is an apartment located in the superblock area. Here are some of the benefits you will get if you live in an apartment in the superblock area:

  1. Very complete facilities

If you live in an apartment located in the superblock area, you don’t have to bother having to go far to fulfill all your needs and desires. The superblock area gives you the best facilities that are very complete for you. If you live in a superblock apartment, life can certainly be easier because whatever you want can be achieved quickly, even on foot.

  1. The atmosphere of a lively area and high value residential

It is undeniable that a complete and pleasant superblock area can attract the attention of many people to visit. If you live in a superblock area, of course you can feel the lively and lively urban atmosphere every day. This provides an advantage for you as an apartment owner because it increases the selling value of the apartment which can be an investment with high returns in the future.

  1. Strategic and prestigious location

Superblock areas are usually built in strategic and easily accessible areas. Therefore, you do not need to be confused traveling because anywhere feels easy and quickly reached from where you live. In fact, you don’t need to go anywhere because the superblock area where you live can be the center of city life that people will visit. This makes your residence to be prestigious with all the luxurious and classy facilities.

After reading the article above, of course you think, who doesn’t want to live in a superblock area? Starting from office areas, malls, hotels, places to eat, to residences, all are available in one beautiful and pleasant area. Now, there is a superblock apartment in the south of Jakarta, namely The Parc. Built in a 57 hectare SouthCity superblock area, The Parc is a high-value South Jakarta apartment for those who want a long-term investment property guarantee. SouthCity has developed various important projects to revive and improve the lives of people in southern Jakarta, one of which is by building a large road infrastructure that connects Cinere, Depok and Pondok Cabe, South Tangerang. Imagine what other projects we can develop for the convenience of your life. Do not let you miss the opportunity to own the Parc unit and become part of the residents of the SouthCity region with all the benefits.

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