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News 16/06/2020

Minimalist and Neutral Baby Room Decoration Inspirations

Providing the best for their children has always been the top priority for every parent, especially for parents who have just been blessed with children. Everything has been well prepared and thought out, you have also provided all the furniture for your baby. However, some of you may still not find ideas regarding the right nursery decoration. Here are some suggestions that you can read to inspire baby room decor with a minimalist theme:

  1. Simple and neutral wallpaper

The choice of wallpaper for a room is significant, because the color and pattern of the wallpaper chosen can determine the theme and atmosphere of the room. You can try to use wallpaper in neutral colors like white, cream, and light brown to be installed in the nursery. This color can give a calming impression and make a room look brighter and cheerful. Neutral colors also don’t give off a childish impression, so the nursery can be used even when they’re old.

  1. Wooden elements in furniture

Besides giving a refreshing and elegant impression, the wooden elements in your baby’s room also make the room feel warmer. This can make the room more comfortable to live in. This wood element can be applied to indoor furniture such as nursing chairs, baby wardrobes, and baby cots. You can also add greenery that matches the color of the wood. The addition of greenery can also suck out airborne toxins and improve the air quality in your baby’s room.

  1. Simple wall display

To beautify your baby’s room, other decorations that can be used are wall displays. You don’t need too much to fill the entire room, just display a few baby photos or write the baby’s name and date of birth with a wooden frame at some point. Apart from photos, you can also use a wall clock with a matching color or a small shelf to put dolls and other ornaments according to your taste.

The nursery is the first room that will be occupied by the child, you will definitely try to prepare the best. At The Parc, there is a choice of units with rooms that are ideal for your baby. With wooden floors, wide dimensions, and a window location that allows good sunlight for the body, babies can occupy the most comfortable spot in your apartment. We pay attention to the needs of new families by creating custom children’s room designs. Therefore, don’t hesitate to raise your family at The Parc. We always care for every family by providing a home with a safe and comfortable atmosphere. The Parc can be the solution for raising a new family.

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