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News 25/06/2020

Apartment Design Inspirations from Various Countries

Each country have a certain unique design, when decorating their homes. The uniqueness can also be seen in the modern residential design, namely apartments that adapt to the lifestyle of the people. Let’s take a look at some apartment designs from several countries in the world that can be an inspiration for your own apartment:

  1. Seoul Apartments, South Korea

For those of you who like to watch Korean dramas, you must be familiar with the typical South Korean apartment designs. One of the interesting apartment designs is an apartment in the capital city of Seoul, which is the largest metropolitan area in South Korea. A Seoul-style apartment with a minimalist look, dominated by sweet pastel colors and gives a clean impression. Although famous for their small size, apartments in Seoul always look spacious because they are generally equipped with versatile furniture such as a bed with a cupboard under it or a folding dining table that can be stored when not in use.

  1. New York City Apartments, United States

If an apartment in Seoul has a sweet impression, an apartment in New York City has a professional, clean, and elegant impression. Apartments in New York City are usually built in the middle of a city area so they are often equipped with super large windows that can show views of the bustling city. New York City Apartments have a minimalist design that is neat, symmetrical, and modern. Usually the preferred colors are monochrome black and white or gray. Apartments in New York City are generally equipped with balconies and rooftop access for residents.

  1. Tokyo apartment, Japan

Apartments in Tokyo in Japan place great importance on comfort, tidiness and simplicity. The interior design is inspired by the zen philosophy that makes residents feel calm and peaceful. Usually, Tokyo apartments are dominated by brown from the use of wood elements and fresh green from indoor plants. All elements in the dwelling are placed in an orderly and neat position. Tokyo apartments also always look minimalist and spacious because of the choice of furniture: for example, doors are replaced with sliding doors so that they don’t take up space and sofas are replaced with kotatsu or heating tables with lesehan seats.

Turns out that apartments in various countries have very interesting designs! However, you don’t need to live abroad to have a residence like the one above. In Indonesia, apartments with international aesthetic standards and affordable prices have been built, you know. The Parc is a Jakarta apartment residence that has a modern urban design that is adapted to the lifestyle and tastes of today’s metropolitan community. Equipped with 75% green areas, The Parc is a modern apartment in the middle of the city that can be the most comfortable place for you to come home from fatigue and busy activities. The Parc is a residence with the most complete and best facilities, especially for millennials who focus on pursuing a career but want to maintain a balanced lifestyle between live, work and play.

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