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News 30/06/2020

Take a peek at these artsy decorations for your apartment!

Interior decoration can reflect the owner’s personality. Are you a person who loves art or just appreciate art? If you are enthusiast of art, then you certainly have thought of decorating your living space with various works of art. Let’s take a look at some of the artsy decoration inspiration for apartments that can inspire you:

  1. Painting for the living room

One of the most popular works of art is painting. You can decorate your apartment with various paintings according to taste, especially in the living room area which is used for relaxing. If you like a busy living room, you can display more than two paintings. Conversely, if you want your apartment to look minimalist, you can simply display one to two paintings with simple colors and patterns. Abstract painting suits you who are cheerful and extroverted. Meanwhile, a simple, sweet mural is suitable for those of you who like serenity and keeping things neat.

  1. Handcrafted furniture and decorations

Crafts such as sculptures and woven bamboo decorations can strengthen the impression of art in an apartment. Bamboo ayaman furniture that has a traditional impression surprisingly can be matched with the concept of a minimalist apartment with a dominant white color. You can find a lot of woven bamboo furniture such as beautiful lampshades and stools in online stores with a variety of interesting variations.

  1. Use unique curtains

One part of a room that is often overlooked is the curtain. In fact, the curtains can determine the mood and build the concept of a room. For an artsy room concept, you can try using unique curtains that are different from usual. For example, curtains with lively motifs or curtains with classic painting motifs in striking colors. Beautiful curtains can be useful as room knick-knacks that are suitable for you.

We believe that interior design help residents express themselves. Therefore, we provide you with a beautiful modern urban residence in South Jakarta as a reflection of today’s cosmopolitan society. Whatever your favourite theme is, The Parc can fulfil your dream of having a home that can be designed according to your taste. At The Parc, your apartment is a place for creation. We provide a unit area that you can decorate at will according to each taste. An apartment that suits the owner’s heart will make you feel more at home and happy to be in it.

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