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News 15/07/2020

Common Mistakes to avoid when choosing your house

Everyone dreams of owning and living their dream house. In order to get the right occupancy according to your dreams, there are many things that must be considered carefully before you finally agree to pay and occupy the residence. However, there are several mistakes in buying housing that are often made when purchasing a house. Let’s check what these mistakes are so you can choose the best dream residence that suits your wishes:

  1. Location, location, location

When you are very interested in a residence, whether it is a house or an apartment, you will want to quickly complete payments and own the residence. However, do not let you forget important things because you are too hasty, including the matter of location. Make sure that the house is close to areas that are important to you, such as workplaces, homes of parents or relatives, and so on. It would be better if the residence has access to modes of public transport to make mobility easier.

  1. Buying outside your budget

Before deciding to buy a residence, you must pay attention to the price given, then you have to adjust it to the budget you have. This is important so that you don’t have trouble paying off bills that you will be paying for in the future, and you can enjoy a calm feeling without any financial burdens. We recommend that you choose an apartment at an affordable price, which fits your pocket, and that also offers various easy ways to pay, it seems with installments and promotions.

  1. Buying a residence without knowing additional information

In addition to information about prices, locations, sizes, and other general things, you need to know specific things about the occupancy you are going to buy. Is your residential area free of flooding, is the environment where you buy suitable for children, are public facilities such as hospitals and schools close to the house, these are examples of some additional questions that are rarely asked when buying a home.

So that you always get the most complete information about housing, you should ask for professional help in the process of buying your dream house. The Parc understands your need to buy housing during this pandemic. Therefore, we provide a virtual tour for you that can be accessed online so you can get to know the Parc unit better from home. Our sales team is also always ready to serve you at any time, simply by calling or sending messages via WhatsApp and email. You are free to ask about everything you want to know, starting from the ease of payment, attractive promotions, and what types of housing are provided and can suit your needs. Therefore, download our brochure available on this website or call the number provided so you can find your dream home today.

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