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News 19/06/2020

Benefits of Living in Apartments for Students

Today, many students choose an apartment as a place to live while studying. The reason for this is because there are many advantages compared to living in a boarding house or family home. Here are some of the advantages of living in an apartment for students who are learning to live independently while studying:

  1. Complete facilities

Apartments are generally always equipped with complete facilities that can facilitate the daily life of the residents. Facilities such as laundry, wi-fi, coworking space, food center, and sports facilities can support the student’s lifestyle and needs. Student’s productive lifestyle and high mobility can cause students ot have lesser free time. These facilities can facilitate students’ daily lives because all their needs can be met practically in one place.

  1. Strategic location

Most students who choose to live in an apartment take location into consideration. It is true, apartments that are built to advance urban life are usually located in strategic locations close to the city center and public facilities such as universities and public transportation. Students choose apartments because of their location close to the campus, busway stops or MRT stations, as well as various shopping centers such as malls and supermarkets that make life more practical.

  1. Price and profit

It is undeniable that apartments do offer higher prices compared to other student housing alternatives. Even so, the number of student interested in renting or buying apartments is actually increasing. This is due to the facilities offered by the apartment according to the price given. In addition, it is not uncommon for many quality apartments to provide affordable prices to residents. Apartments are also considered a good investment, so they can provide long-term benefits that match the mindset of students as innovative and independent young people.

Seeing the high interest of students, many property developers are now choosing to build apartments. However, not all of them offer the same conveniences and benefits. When compared to The Parc, SouthCity built The Parc as a classy apartment with complete facilities specially built to meet the needs and lifestyles of modern urban communities, including students. With the best prices and affordable promotions and installments, The Parc still offers quality facilities with high standards.

With the mindset of coliving, The Parc understands the needs of students for a comfortable, beautiful and harmonious residence. At The Parc, students can easily study using the coworking space and rapid wi-fi speeds that the facilities provide. Students can also maintain a proportional life because they can learn and relax in a balanced manner. The Parc is located about 20 minutes from the University of Indonesia (UI), 10 minutes from the Jakarta Veteran National Development University (UPN “Veteran” Jakarta), and is located 15 minutes from the Lebak Bulus MRT station and Pondok Indah Mall (PIM). In addition, the construction of the Depok-Antasari and Cinere-Jagorawi toll roads will increase the property value of The Parc. Therefore, The Parc can be a prestigious choice of residence and is suitable for a student’s first investment.

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