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News 15/06/2020

Are Millennials Having a Hard Time Owning a Property? Not Anymore!

 In recent years, millennials are often associated with the stigma of being a high-income generation but also large expenses. With these difficulties, millennials still have to face other challenges, namely the high price of commercial housing and the difficulty of getting housing subsidies. This then becomes the reason for the emergence of another view that the millennial generation will have difficulties in buying their own homes or for property investment. Of course this opinion is not entirely correct, because now, millennials with all the challenges they face have many possibilities to be able to buy good housing at the right price. One of them is the presence of quality apartments at affordable prices in big cities, especially in Jakarta. The construction of an elite apartment area at affordable prices provides a new opportunity for millennial generations to be able to have their own commercial residence, even with a not so high income.

The Parc is one of the best apartments with the right price which can be the answer for millennials who want to have a residence with all the best facilities without having to bear large financial burdens. Located in the bustling and strategic South of Jakarta, The Parc is the ideal place to live for millennials who really like a productive and active lifestyle. In addition, the location of The Parc, which is located in the 57 hectare area of ​​the SouthCity superblock, also provides owners comfort. Millennials who really value a dynamic lifestyle and a balanced work life can spend time together at the shopping and culinary center of SouthCity Square which is one of the main entertainment centers in the SouthCity area. The advantages and facilities offered by The Parc are able to support the lifestyle and tastes of millennials in this modern era.

Although they have various advantages and offer various conveniences, The Parc does not sell their units at high prices. People argue that “The higher the price, the better the qulity”, but this does not apply to The Parc, which continues to provide the best for its residents while maintaining affordable prices. Adjusting to today’s millennial conditions, The Parc makes it easy by offering housing that can be installed in installments that are cheaper than the prices set by competitors. By carrying out the idea of ​​#HunianSecangkirKopi, one unit of The Parc can become the property of the buyer for only Rp. 99,000 per day. Therefore, stigma that it is difficult for millennials to own a residence is no longer valid. If someone says that millennials cannot afford proper housing, just answer: no longer, because now The Parc is here!

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