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News 12/10/2020

Enjoy Legendary Local Culinary Dishes at Soto Becek SouthCity

Soto is a typical Indonesian dish that is sure to be familiar to your tongue. Did you know that it turns out that soto has various types according to the region of origin? One type of soup that is typical of its delicacy in the culinary world of the archipelago is the legendary and almost extinct soto becek from Tuban, East Java. But you don’t need to go far, Soto Becek is now here in South Jakarta for you, which is at Kedai Soto Becek, which is open and ready to serve you at SouthCity Square 2 shophouse number A1 / 15. Here, you can taste various kinds of legendary soto Becek, complete with the most complete variety of flavors such as soto becek ayam, Becek beef, garang asem ayam, and delicious and appetizing beef marrow.

Besides having a delicious taste and suitable for those of you who like unique local dishes, Kedai Soto Becek also provides a spacious and clean dining area so you can eat comfortably with friends and family. Regarding hygiene, Kedai Soto Becek, which has served customers for years, also provides a place to wash hands and a clean bathroom for every visitor. The interior of Kedai Soto Becek is also designed in such a way as to make it feel like a comfortable home for those of you who visit. A large parking area is also provided for those of you who bring vehicles, so you can come and visit freely.

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