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News 22/06/2020

A beautiful and elegant living room color combinations

The living room is the heart of where you live. Apart from being a place of entertainment for friends and family who come to visit, the living room can also function as a family room. Therefore, you definitely want to make your living room as beautiful as possible. No need to worry, we have some ideas for decorating the living room of your apartment through beautiful and elegant color choices:

  1. White and cream

White color can give a spacious impression to an apartment living room and beige can give a soothing warm feel. The combination of the two can make the apartment atmosphere fresh, bright, and relieved because it feels spacious. You can use white to paint the walls and beige for color choices for furniture such as sofas, carpets, and standing lights. For the combination of these two colors, a touch of a little brown and wood elements can complement the beauty of the look of your living room.

  1. Black and white

White combined with black can be the perfect choice for a modern, minimalist and glamorous living room look. Combining black and white for the living room of the apartment has become a trend in itself, especially for today’s young people who like the concept of minimalist housing. Apply white to the walls and curtains, black can be used for furniture choices such as coffee tables and wall decorations. To complement, you can also give a touch of gray such as carpet and sofa cushions.

  1. Light blue and white

By using these two colors, your living room can feel cool and calm, so that anyone will feel comfortable there. You can paint one side white and the other side light blue. For furniture, you can adjust the appearance ratio of these two colors to your liking, for example choosing a white sofa and light blue sofa cushions or a white coffee table with a light blue carpet.

The cozy atmosphere of the living room and its beautiful appearance can make your apartment have a fun and positive feel. Not only depends on the decoration you choose, apartment design plays an important role in giving the impression of a beautiful and comfortable residence. The Parc is a comfortable and beautiful residential solution in South Jakarta. These days, it’s not easy to find classy apartments at friendly prices in big urban areas such as Jakarta or Tangerang.

Many South Jakarta apartments offer aesthetic housing but at very expensive prices. The Parc can be the best apartment choice with a strategic location and the most complete facilities that can compete with Tangerang apartments, Jakarta apartments, and other South Jakarta apartments. You can have all the conveniences and benefits provided by The Parc at affordable prices through various installment options and attractive promotions for you.

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