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News 14/07/2020

Air Freshener with Unique Aroma for Your Apartment

Having a quiet and comfortable residence is everyone’s dream. A pleasant residential atmosphere can improve your mood and make you more excited. One of the things that makes your home more comfortable is the aroma. You certainly don’t feel like lingering in a place with an unpleasant aroma, right? Therefore, create a refreshing atmosphere in your residence with a variety of unique scented room fresheners:

  1. Natural scent

The smell of trees in the mountains, the sea on the beach, fresh grass in the morning, and flowers in the fresh fields can now be available in your room at any time. Air freshener with a scent inspired by nature can make you feel more relaxed. You can find similar air freshener in the nearest supermarket or in an online shop to your liking.

  1. Food aroma

Lately, the aroma of food is being popular as a room freshener. Starting from the fragrance of fruits such as strawberries or oranges, to the smell of other foods such as chocolate, coffee, and even the smell of ice cream, it can be changed in such a way as to become an air freshener. This type of aroma is suitable for those of you who are bored with a mediocre residential atmosphere and want a unique change.

  1. Scent of everyday objects

Ever imagined that the smell of paper in a new book and even the smell of money after printing could fill your room? With the advancement of facilities, unique and modern innovations have emerged to make room deodorizers with the basic aroma of objects you find everyday. This kind of room deodorizer is not commonly used, but if you are curious, you can find it in an online shop and try to experience the sensation yourself.

It takes more than just a fragrance to make a person feel at home in his or her own place. A sense of security, comfort, and peace is also an important factor that must be present in every dwelling. With a commitment and aim to improve the welfare of the people in southern Jakarta, The Parc is a coliving apartment that is able to realize your dream of having a safe, comfortable, and quality residence. With the intervention of professionals who have worked for many years in the property field, The Parc is built with the best facilities and modern designs that are suitable for those of you who crave shelter that is not only beautiful, but also peaceful.

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