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News 10/07/2020

Problems You Don’t Need To Worry About If You Have an Apartment

You don’t always feel comfortable in the place where you live. Sometimes there are various unexpected problems that can ruin or disturb your peace. However, you can easily avoid these problems if you choose the right place to live. If you live in an apartment, here are a few problems that shouldn’t be a problem because they likely won’t happen to you:

  1. Security issue

Criminal acts such as theft or natural disasters such as floods usually threaten the peace of people living in urban areas. However, you don’t need to think about this problem when living in an apartment. The apartment’s sophisticated security system and the presence of a security unit assigned to look after residents makes you able to sleep peacefully every night because you always feel safe. In addition, the location and design of a modern apartment can reduce the risk of getting flooded so you don’t have to bother thinking about this problem.

  1. Facility problems

A large parking area, fully equipped sports anytime, fast internet access, and a green environment with beautiful views, all are yours when you live in an apartment. In addition, the various facilities provided are private and exclusive facilities for residents to feel like their own. You can enjoy every best and classy facility with satisfaction and comfort.

  1. Technical problem

If you live in an apartment, technical problems such as leaking water pipes, leaking roofs, or other damage can be easily resolved. The apartment provides services for every occupant related to technical problems that occur so you don’t have to bother doing it yourself. In fact, these problems will not occur in the first place because the apartment is equipped with the best living facilities that are durable and function well.

You can feel all the conveniences and comfort of staying in the apartment at The Parc, South Jakarta apartment with the concept of coliving in the area of ​​57 hectares SouthCity superblock. Its strategic location makes your mobility easy. Located only 20 minutes from Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) and 15 minutes from Lebak Bulus MRT station, you certainly won’t have to bother traveling because all places are very easy to reach. With such a strategic location, SouthCity is the best apartment for you because it is proven not to have been affected by the flood that inundated other parts of Jabodetabek in January. With the best security and service systems, we ensure that every occupant lives comfortably and without worries, with their needs and wants always being met. If you want to experience the beauty of modern urban life that is effective, practical, and easy, The Parc is a special place built to realize that dream.

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