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News 18/06/2020

Top celebrities who choose apartments as their homes

Lately, we are often shocked by the news of luxury homes that celebrities choose. However, it turns out that it is not uncommon for some celebrities to choose to live in apartments. Reportedly, they chose the apartment as a place to live because of its strategic location, facilities and security that are very well maintained, so they can live in peace while maintaining privacy. Here are some Hollywood celebrities who own apartment dwellings:

  1. Alec Baldwin

The actor and uncle of Hailey Baldwin live in a luxury apartment for 12.5 million US dollars. This luxury apartment is located in the center of Greenwich Village and was bought by Baldwin since 2011. With a minimalist design, this apartment is equipped with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and is dominated by neutral colors.

  1. Kevin Spacey

Senior actor Kevin Spacey is also a fan of urban luxury homes. He once lived in a luxury apartment located in Tribeca, New York. This apartment occupies the top two floors of a condo building with five apartment towers. He bought this apartment for 5 million US dollars in 2008..

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Despite owning a house and several other residences, DiCaprio previously chose to live in apartments located in the city center. He bought a luxury apartment unit in an eco-friendly building located at the Riverhouse. This apartment, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, is perfect for being a place to relax and be alone. DiCaprio bought it for 3.67 million US dollars in 2008.

  1. Natalie Portman

In keeping with its always elegant appearance, the Portman apartment is also designed with a sweet and classy appearance. Dominated by fresh blues and whites, this luxury apartment is located in Manhattan, New York. Reportedly, she bought this apartment for 6.55 million US dollars.

Apartments have now become a dream residence for all circles, even top celebrities are interested in buying and living in apartments. Apart from being classy and having its own standards of beauty, apartments also have strategic locations in the city center, suitable for urban people with high mobility. You don’t need to be a top artist to experience the advantages above. The Parc can be a luxurious and classy residential solution located in the strategic south of Jakarta and close to other business and commercial centers. In addition, The Parc is also part of the SouthCity area, meaning that you can simultaneously enjoy the complete facilities and luxury provided by SouthCity if you stay at The Parc. The best part is, all these luxuries can be yours at affordable prices and the right installments, depending on your income.

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