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News 16/06/2020

Decorative Plants to Refresh the Room

Decorating a room is a fun activity. You can choose your favorite furniture, arrange all the colors to match, and move and place the decorations you want. However, after decorating your room, do you feel like something is missing? It looks like a room that is just filled with furniture looks empty and a little boring. Maybe the room needs a touch of green to make it look more lively and cheerful. Therefore, we will give you recommendations for ornamental plants, which are useful not only as decorations to beautify the room, but also as a detoxifier in the air that can maintain your health:

  1. English Ivy

Despite having the word ‘english’ in its name, this plant is actually very adaptable and easily lives in Indonesia’s tropical climate. You don’t need to bother giving extra care to this plant, because you just need to keep the soil moist in the pot and leave it out in the sun for 3-4 hours in the morning. This plant is so popularly sold in online stores that it is quite easy to get it. You can even order it right now.

  1. Spider Plant

In accordance with its unique name, this one plant is indeed similar to a spider because it has long dangling leaves. Even so, the long leaves of the spider plant are the characteristics that make this plant look beautiful. Besides being beautiful, this plant is very resilient and does not die easily even though living in minimal lighting. You only need to water it regularly to keep it fresh and green. Spider plant is also very useful for purifying the air in the room, because it is proven to be able to absorb toxins such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

  1. Peace Lily

It’s beautiful and graceful name is reflected in the shape of this plant. Peace lily is perfect for those of you who like indoor plants with a rather large size. The presence of a peace lily can make the room more elegant and classy. Apart from having an aesthetic function, this plant is also useful for maintaining the health of your breathing. Peace lily is able to attract toxins in the room so that the air you breathe is guaranteed to be always fresh. When placed in the bathroom, this plant can also prevent the growth of mold that can irritate you.

So? Are you now interested in buying ornamental plants for your room? A beautiful residence alone is not enough to be an ideal place to live. A good residence must also be a place where you feel comfortable and healthy, like The Parc, which is very concerned about the health of its residents. Each unit of The Parc is made in such a way as to receive maximum light so that you receive enough sunlight to keep you healthy. In addition, a good ventilation arrangement in each unit allows good air circulation

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