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News 29/06/2020

Staying Productive During Self-isolation: A Personal Development Activity for You

During self-isolation to support social distancing, there are many things you can do to develop yourself and stay productive. Especially if you live alone: ​​nothing can break your concentration on being creative and active. Here are some productive activities you can do to hone your skills while at home:

  1. Reading and writing

Take advantage of the moment of independent isolation as a time when you can develop insight, one of which is through reading and writing activities. Aim to read a few pages a day from both non-fiction books like motivational books and fiction books like novels. You can also write down your feelings and thoughts in a daily journal which can make you feel relieved. Reading can keep you inspired every day and writing can help you straighten out your thoughts and be creative.

  1. Learn a new language

Many of us dream of being able to master a foreign language that we like, but don’t have the time to learn. This time, instead of getting bored and bored during self-isolation, take the time to start learning a new language. You don’t need to have expensive tutors to start learning, just listen to podcasts or watch videos on social media related to language teaching. If you are active, you will be sure to quickly master the language in no time.

  1. Sports

When you are alone and bored, people usually have a tendency to sleep. Instead of sleeping, spend some time exercising! This independent isolation time can provide opportunities for those of you who want to be healthier and have a healthier and fitter body. You can start at five minutes a day, then increase the intensity over the next few days. Exercising can also improve your mood and make you feel more stable during the quarantine period.

Developing yourself during self-isolation is a great way to pass the time. Don’t feel lulled and annoyed if you can’t do the activities as before. You can take advantage of this moment to find and build the best version of yourself. Especially if you live alone in a private residence such as an apartment. Nothing distracts you, plus a comfortable place can also make you more productive. The Parc provides comfortable and safe housing for you as part of an urban community with a modern mindset and lifestyle. Here, you can realize your dream of an active and creative independent life: various facilities are provided to meet your needs, such as a fast wi-fi internet network and co-working space for you artists, workers, students, and whoever you have dreams. Great to create and build a better life for you in the south of Jakarta with The Parc.

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