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News 06/11/2020

The dream of Umrah worship can come true safely with Permata Shafwah Travel

Finding the best Umrah travel is quite difficult, because of the many choices that exist today. Not to mention the cases of fraud that have been rampant lately in Indonesia, given the very high interest of the majority Muslim community to go to the Holy Land. So it is only natural that many newcomers fall victim to scams.

This is because the costs for going for Hajj and Umrah tend not to be small. Many people are willing to save money and try hard to raise money through various means for years so that their dreams of setting foot in the Holy Land can be achieved.

However, what would you feel if the money you had collected so hard was lost because of fraud? It would be very devastating experience.

Worship to the Holy Land is not only a matter of cost, but also comfort. For the worship to be experience optimally one must first find peace of mind.

Where the comfort must be obtained from the Motherland to the Holy Land. All of this can be obtained if you choose and find a trusted and experienced travel agent.

There are several things you can do to find the best Umrah travel agents, such as:

  1. Track the track record of Umrah travel before choosing

Find out about the travel through the internet, starting from how the congregation responds, how many pilgrims they have left and so on.

  1. Has an official permit from the Ministry of Religion

Every provider of Umrah and Hajj travel services must have a permit from the Ministry of Religion. This is done in the context of government supervision of the travel.

  1. Check the prices and facilities provided

Usually, each travel agent will include a fee, up to the facilities obtained by the congregation.

  1. Check the hotel location

Before deciding to buy an Umrah package, another step that can be taken is to check the hotel that will be your residence while in the holy land. Make sure the location and distance to the Grand Mosque or the Prophet’s Mosque are not far away and the package price offered is in accordance with the desired package price.

  1. Visa

Confirmation to the Umroh Worship Trip Organizer (PPIU) regarding the visa status that will be obtained from the government of Saudi Arabia.

One of the best and most trusted Hajj and Umrah travel agents is Permata Shafwah Travel, which is located at B1 / 02 of the SouthCity Square shophouse complex, Pondok Cabe.

Travel agents who have enough of this name have even been registered with the Ministry of Religion and have official permits for Umrah organizers.

Then what about the price? Permata Shafwah provides quite affordable prices with the best hotels. In addition, Permata Shafwah Travel is also famous for its luxurious services and facilities and always prioritizes the comfort of the congregation.

Are you currently preparing to go to Haji and Umrah? Don’t forget to protect yourself during your trip.

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