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News 08/09/2020

The most delicious local culinary style of Uda Dirga SouthCity

Who doesn’t like Padang’s specialties? This local dish is one of Indonesia’s most popular flavors and that suits everyone’s taste. Padang specialty restaurants can also be found in many places throughout Indonesia. Now, you can taste the delicacy of the best authentic Padang cuisine at affordable prices at the Uda Dirga restaurant which is open and ready to serve visitors at SouthCity Square 2 shophouse number A1 / 11. Here, you can feel the flavors of the Padang cuisine menu, from chicken pop, grilled beef jerky, various curries, fried fish and grilled fish, as well as other choices of dishes with unique special spices that can only be experienced in SouthCity.

Besides being able to eat delicious food cooked with traditional spices, you can also taste every dish comfortably because the Uda Dirga restaurant provides a place to eat with hand washing facilities, a spacious and clean bathroom along with a dining area with an attractive interior and is very suitable as a gathering place for family and friends. Uda Dirga restaurant also has a wide and spacious parking lot for your vehicle, so you can always visit without worrying about parking because there is always a safe and free place to park four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles. After enjoying a meal, you can also visit other shopping places in the SouthCity Square area which was built as a fun entertainment and culinary center in South Jakarta. Now, weekends and free time can be even more special because you can visit Uda Dirga’s restaurant to chat with your loved ones while enjoying delicious food that is second to none.

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