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News 16/06/2020

Sleep better with the following colored lights

Sleep is an activity that is very important for the health of our body. Everyone needs sleep to be able to do various activities properly every day. Lack of sleep is believed to make a person less energetic, or disturb ones concentrate, and even tend to have a large appetite so that it can lead to obesity if it lasts long enough. Seeing the importance of sleep, here we recommend some tips for getting quality sleep every night, namely by choosing the right color of the room lights as follows:

Dim blue color
Telah terbukti oleh penelitian ilmiah, memasang lampu berwarna biru remang-remang saat tidur dapat membuat seseorang lebih cepat mengantuk, meningkatkan tingkat kepulasan tidur, dan memperpanjang waktu tidur seseorang. Hal ini terjadi karena otak manusia merespons warna biru sebagai signal bahwa hari telah malam dan mereka butuh istirahat. Otak kemudian akan memerintahkan badan untuk tidur. Penggunaan lampu tidur biru remang-remang juga dipercaya mampu memperbaiki jam tidur seseorang yang mengalami insomnia.

Faint red color
Besides dim blue, dim red can also be an alternative color for your night light. Based on research by experts, using red for light sleepers can reduce stress and feelings of discomfort so you can sleep peacefully and soundly throughout the night. Dim red color can also increase the production of melatonin (sleep-making hormone) which can make you sleep faster so that you are less likely to stay up late and maintain your sleep cycle.

Apart from the two colors above, researchers do not recommend other colors to be used as a light sleep. According to them, the colors of the lights that are often used — white and yellow — are not suitable to accompany your sleep. These two colors are seen by our brains as the colors of the daytime, these can lead to brain to stay alert and trick the brain into thinking it is still day time. If you want to sleep more calmly, long, and soundly, you should choose blue and red colors as above.

Another thing that can make you sleep better and reduce the tendency for insomnia is room arrangement. Luckily for you, The Parc designs your room as comfortable as possible with the right placement and attention to the direction of light and air entering. You can always have a good sleep cycle and get quality sleep every night. If you find it easy to sleep comfortably and soundly every day, surely your performance in carrying out daily activities will increase. You can also feel happier and more energized. Therefore, choose your place of residence well for a better lifestyle.

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