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News 07/07/2020

Tips for Keeping the Apartment Cool without Air Conditioning

Since Indonesia is a tropical country with a hot dry season, it seems like all places are incomplete without air conditioning. However, did you know that installing air conditioners too often is not good? Apart from being wasteful of electricity, air conditioning can spread dust and the cold air can dry out your skin. Therefore, in order not to turn on the air conditioner too often, here are some interesting tips that you can practice to make the apartment feel cool at all times:

  1. Use houseplants

Green plants can help fresh air into the room and make the room cooler. In addition, plants in the apartment can release moisture which can keep the room humidity up to 30-60 percent. As an idea, you can use aloe vera and betel ivory plants as ornamental plants that are suitable as a substitute for air conditioning in an apartment.

  1. Change out cotton sheets

The room and bed area is usually the room that feels the hottest in your home. To keep your sleep comfortable and not disturbed by stifling heat, try replacing old satin or silk bed sheets with cotton sheets. This material is easier to circulate air and feels softer compared to other fabrics, so it can maintain coolness during sleep.

  1. Replace heat-generating equipment in the apartment

If you are still using incandescent lamps and stoves, you should consider replacing them with other tools. In addition to providing a large amount of energy, incandescent lamps are apparently not good for keeping the room cool because they provide a fairly strong flow of hot air. Also, if you cook on the stove, the room can feel hotter because of the fire. Try as much as possible to replace the incandescent lamp with an LED light and cook in the oven to keep cool.

With the hot dry season in Indonesia, it’s no wonder people are scrambling to find cool housing. Many people don’t buy a property just because of the location and the hot atmosphere. People are more interested in living in areas with lots of greenery that feels cooler. One of them is The Parc which consists of 75% green area which gives you a beautiful and fresh living atmosphere even in the dry season.

The Parc also offers apartment units designed in such a way as to always feel cool. With smooth air circulation, the right direction of the wind, so that the structure of the building has been carefully thought out so that you can live calmly and comfortably every day. You don’t necessarily get features like this in South Jakarta apartments and other South Tangerang apartments. So, don’t get caught in a hot and uncomfortable place. Join as residents of The Parc for a more peaceful and harmonious everyday life.

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