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News 25/06/2020

Imitate Legendary Apartment Decorations From Popular TV Series!

Honestly, watching your favorite TV series always make you feel like you want to enter the world of the characters right? You may also have been curious about the places featured in the TV series, especially where the main character lives. Starting from Monica Geller’s New York apartment from the TV series Friends to the super luxury apartment owned by Frasier Crane in the Frasier TV series. Here are some iconic residential apartments for characters in international TV series that can be used as inspiration for your apartment:

  1. Monica and Rachel’s apartment

Who doesn’t know the Friends TV series? Even though it was aired 26 years ago, this TV series from the United States still has many loyal fans today. One of the most distinctive features of this TV series is the characters Monica and Rachel who live together in an apartment in New York. Monica and Rachel’s apartment, which is dominated by purple, looks spacious and has a very homey atmosphere. You can imitate apartment designs that use striking colors on the walls and neutral colors on the furniture to make your apartment look less boring, comfortable, and creative.

  1. Ted Mosby’s apartment

Like Friends, the TV series How I Met Your Mother is also considered one of the most successful shows in the history of US cinema. Therefore, many people must also be very familiar with the residence of the story’s main character, Ted Mosby. The apartment has a warm tone dominated by autumn colors. You can imitate the color choices from Ted’s apartment, namely brown, dark orange, red, and dark green in your apartment furniture to get a warm and cozy atmosphere.

  1. Frasier Crane’s Apartments

Located in Seattle, the apartment in the Frasier TV series is furnished with super luxurious furniture in a modern design typical of urban living. This minimalist apartment with white and cream nuances has giant windows that offer panoramic views of the city and sky. You can get the luxury atmosphere of a Frasier apartment in a private residence by using neutral colors in the furniture. Also place a carpet in your living room and don’t put too many things in one room so that it always looks clean and classy.

So, have you ever dreamt of owning an apartment like in the TV series above? Don’t let it just be a dream! Your dream to have a beautiful and comfortable apartment is very likely to be realized, especially with the construction of The Parc as a modern urban residence in South Jakarta. If Monica and Rachel live in New York, you can stay at The Parc which is bordered by three major cities at once: South Jakarta, South Tangerang, and Depok. Apart from its strategic location as one of Jakarta’s apartments, The Parc is also located in the 57-hectare SouthCity superblock area which has the best hit hangout spots such as SouthCity Square and Food Hive. Imagine if you share The Parc unit with work friends or college friends, guaranteed that every weekend will be more exciting to spend hanging out together. Wow, it’s just like the characters in Friends!

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