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News 29/06/2020

Get rid of boredom with the most exciting Netflix series!

Staying in your residence during the quarantine period can indeed lead to boredom. Luckily you live in a modern era that knows a variety of entertainment through online technology, one of which is the Netflix digital streaming service, which you must be familiar with. Let’s take a peek at some of the following exciting Netflix series! Who knows, it could be your next favourite spectacle.

  1. The Haunting of Hill House

Are you a fan of the thrilling horror genre and interested in solving mysteries? If so, then you have to watch this Netflix series. Tells the story of five brothers who were haunted by a traumatic childhood while living in a haunted house, the series The Haunting of Hill House not only makes your heart flutter every minute, but can also make you cry. Get ready to witness the biggest plot twist at the end of the story. Guaranteed to surprise and amaze you.

  1. Dark

This Netflix series from Germany is about a mysterious incident in a small town where there are several cases of unexplained missing children. If you are a fan of sci-fi and mystery genre shows that require a lot of time to think, then this series is perfect for you. Dark story plot is quite complex, so you need time to think and reflect. However, therein lies the fun of the series! In each season there is also a massive plot twist that is sure to surprise you.

  1. The Umbrella Academy

Superhero stories and time travel mysteries are two of the most fun things to discuss. You can find both of them in The Umbrella Academy series. Tells the story of seven children with superpowers who have a duty to defend the truth, this time they have to face a bigger and harder task: to stop the apocalypse that comes from the future! This Netflix series also comes with a surprising plot twist and a thrilling ending.

Turns out that there are lots of fun entertainment that can ward off boredom during self-isolation! Watching Netflix series is truly addictive, but don’t forget to get enough sleep and exercise regularly to stay healthy during your activities at home. If you live in an apartment, you can take advantage of existing facilities such as a swimming pool and other sports facilities so that your activities can be varied. Besides being fun, you can also be healthy and fit. At The Parc, you can have the most complete and best facilities to support your lifestyle: from a jogging track, a classy swimming pool, a gym, to a badminton court. Built exclusively for residents, all the facilities in The Parc are suitable for any age group.

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