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News 03/07/2020

Cabin Fever Rises During Quarantine: Steps On Getting Rid of It

Cabin fever is a term used to describe the boredom, weakness, and sadness you feel when you stay in one place for too long. Be careful, it could be that you experience cabin fever after a long period of quarantine during a pandemic. Treat and get rid of cabin fever in the following effective ways:

  1. Start with a simple routine

Instead of lying all day staring at a gadget screen, take your time to do something else. List a new routine that you can do every day. You can start with simple things like sweeping the room every morning or reading a book for at least five minutes a day. Don’t forget to set your sleeping hours and limit the time you play gadgets in a day to keep your mind fresh and awake.

  1. Live an active life

Exercising, house cleaning, playing with children, and other physical activities can help keep your body moving during the quarantine period so that you stay healthy. Apart from physical activity, you also have to do mental activity to maintain your mood. You can start by keeping a daily journal, playing games or other activities so that your mind doesn’t go blank. That way, you can avoid the feeling of cabin fever.

  1. Maintain communication with loved ones

Take advantage of online technology to communicate with friends, relatives, and other loved ones. Communication and outreach during quarantine are important things you maintain to avoid feelings of confusion, loneliness, and anxiety. You can make video calls as well as regular phone calls. Tell them how you feel and hear how they are doing. Guaranteed you can feel relieved and happy to come back after.

To avoid feeling “isolated”, you should keep your mind busy with things that can improve your mood and spirit so that you avoid negative feelings. The environment in which you live can also play a big part in building positive thoughts and lifestyle. If you live in an apartment, take advantage of existing facilities such as a gym for exercising, a swimming pool for relaxing time, and a strong internet network to easily stay connected with other people. The Parc, as one of the most complete apartments in South Jakarta and South Tangerang, provides a beautiful residence equipped with various facilities that can support a productive lifestyle and help you to be always active. Various facilities as well as security that are maintained at The Parc can keep every occupant having an exclusive life that is healthy and harmonious for every situation, even though the pandemic.

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