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News 15/06/2020

Workout Routines In Apartments: Easy And Healthy

The busy and tiring daily routines sometimes put people’s health in big cities at risk. As a result of the density of everyday life, the body becomes tired, energized, and exhaust the brain. As a solution, exercise can make you feel better, your body is fresher, and blood circulation becomes smoother so that your brain works more actively. If you live in an apartment, of course it is easy for you to exercise because of the facilities such as a gym and a running track. However, you can also workout from home as an alternative if you don’t have much time to go outside. Here are recommendations for workout moves that you can try in your apartment. This movement can be done calmly, simply, and without the use of tools so it is suitable to be practiced in your apartment.

  1. Abdominal exercises with planks

You must be familiar with this one workout movement. Even though they seem simple, planks are very helpful for toning and shaping the stomach and back area. Simply stretch from top to bottom on the floor and support using your forearms. After that, tighten the stomach for 60 seconds.

  1. Lunges to shape legs

Apart from planks, the lunges movement is also quite popular for those of you who have often exercised. Apart from being practical and simple, this movement turns out to have enormous benefits and impacts in shaping the area of ​​your legs and calves to make them tighter. This movement is done by placing one foot behind the back and the front leg for support, then hold it for a few seconds and do it alternately for each leg. Generally, this movement is done in 5 sets of 16 reps.

  1. Squats to improve posture

Another movement that you can practice in an apartment is squats. This movement has lower body shape benefits and is great if you want to improve your posture. Starting from the position of the feet parallel, slightly wider than the hips then begin to squat by lowering the hips so that they are parallel to the thighs or almost parallel to the floor. It should be noted that during squats, you should first tone your abdominal muscles and ensure that your chest is straight.

  1. Strengthens shoulders and chest with bench dips

Bench dips are great for toning your triceps, shoulders and chest. This movement can also be done by using furniture in the apartment, one of which is a sofa. You only need to put your arms behind your back while holding the support, which is your sofa. Stretch your legs forward then make a motion like you want to sit but are held by your arms on the sofa.

It turns out that there are many practical and simple workout moves that can be done in your apartment. However, to maximize a healthy lifestyle, you can also take advantage of the sports facilities provided in the apartment. Luckily, The Parc provides sports facilities such as a fully equipped gym and a jogging track so you can exercise while enjoying nature. Wherever it is, exercise is still an important thing to practice every day so that the body is always healthy, fit, and especially so that the mind can be fresher and more positive.

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