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News 01/07/2020

Clean Your Room Effortlessly: You Need These Tools!

Cleaning and arranging the room turns out to have a good psychological impact on you. In one study, it was found that cleaning activities can provide feelings of satisfaction and pleasure which can improve one’s mood and productivity. However, when you are cleaning, you need cleaning equipment’s to help clean your room as swift and tidy as possible. Take a look at some of these household tools that can help you clean your room easily and quickly:

  1. Spray mop

This tool can help you clean floors practically and efficiently. The spray mop is a mop equipped with a liquid sprayer on the stem. If you are used to having to carry a bucket of floor cleaner with you while you mop, now you won’t need to do it anymore. Just fill the spray bag on the mop handle with cleaning fluid. Later, when you are mopping, all you have to do is spray the liquid onto the floor with the help of a button that complements it.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner must be familiar to you. This one-of-a-kind cleaning tool is a must-have in your home and apartment. Apart from making it easier for you to clean every room in between, this tool is also useful for removing dust that can interfere with respiratory health and your skin. Vacuum cleaners are now available in various sizes depending on their function. You can buy a small vacuum cleaner for cleaning beds and sofas, while a large vacuum cleaner can be used to clean floors and curtains.

  1. Microfiber wiper

If you still use a regular cloth to clean the kitchen area, you should now switch to using a microfiber cloth. This cleaning tool has the same function as other rags made of such as towels, namely, to remove dirt and dry wet areas. However, microfiber cloths have a stronger water absorption, so you can clean dirty areas with cleaner results and faster because you do not have to wipe repeatedly.

After reading some of the tools above, are you now intrigued to your room? Indeed, for some people, cleaning is tiring activity. Especially for professional people who have to work and students who are piled with schoolwork. Therefore, as part of a modern, high-productivity cosmopolitan community, those of you who are currently studying and pursuing a career need a place to live that can support your busy lifestyle. The apartment is the most suitable residence for those of you who are working and studying.

Living in an apartment can make daily activities more efficient: all the facilities you need are all in one place, complete facilities, and a minimalist size that can make it easy for you to clean and organize. For those of you who live in the south of Jakarta, The Parc is one of the South Jakarta apartments that can fulfill your needs. With all the ease of access, facilities, and design, you can feel the beauty of modern life that is effective and comfortable.

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