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News 17/04/2023

B-Clinic Opens At SouthCity Square

B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic has opened its newest branch in the Pondok Cabe area, South Tangerang, at the SouthCity Square Complex no.A1/5, in mid-December 2022. This new branch is the 7th branch of Clinic B.

The presence of B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic in SouthCity is part of B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic’s efforts to expand B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic’s customer reach. “With the presence of B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic in SouthCity, it is hoped that we can provide customer satisfaction accompanied by our best service, especially in the Tangerang area,” said Hervita Wahyuni, owner of B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic.

Hervita further explained some of B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic’s superior products which were already known in previous B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic branches. “We have a variety of superior treatments supported by advanced technology. An example is the fat removal treatment with RF Sineson Ultimate Treatment which can remove fat deposits up to the abdominal cavity. Another flagship product of B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic is the Anti-stress facial, which is a facial that utilizes very cold temperatures to bring fitness to the face,” he said.

Rey Mbayang, artist and Brand Ambassador from B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic, justified the anti-stress treatment he was doing. Not only fit, but also able to treat and brighten the face. “This treatment really helps my appearance,” said Rey.

Hervita hopes that the development of B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic will not only stop at the 7th branch. He hopes that B-Clinic Slimming & Aesthetic can expand its wings by opening other branches in various cities in Indonesia by introducing the concept of facial and body care using high-tech equipment.

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