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News 10/07/2020

The Most Popular Room Decoration Style, Which Is Your Favorite?

As a place to sleep and relax, you will be happy to decorate your room to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. However, have you ever felt bored with the interior of your own room? Think of decorating your room in a certain style and theme? If you are considering it, try to note some of the following most popular room decor styles that can be an inspiration for those of you who are tired of seeing monotonous room looks:

  1. Scandinavian

Scandinavian is a decor style that emphasizes simplicity and an elegant look. This one decoration style is oriented to the use of white in every part of the room from furniture, walls, to floors. This decorating style can give your room a warm and spacious feel, as well as make it look clean and tidy.

  1. Vintage

If you are fond of old furniture and interior design, you are suitable for decorating a room in a vintage style. This one decoration style makes a room look cute, unique and gives you an exciting new view. Start by choosing “vintage” furniture and giving your room a pastel color tone like pastel green and pink on the walls.

  1. Zen

The zen decor style accentuates natural elements such as wood and water. If you want your room to look minimalist and calm, zen style, try to start reducing furniture with plastic materials and replace them with other natural materials. You can also reduce the amount of lightbulbs and use direct sunlight for lighting more often. Additional decorations such as greenery are also perfect to complement a zen style room.

How nice it would be to have a private residence that can be decorated according to your heart’s desire. If you are still imagining this, you should now turn the fantasy into reality. Now, your dreams can easily come true. Located in the SouthCity superblock area of ​​57 hectares, The Parc is present as a South Jakarta apartment with the first coliving living concept in Indonesia. Each apartment unit is built with due consideration and accuracy: we only provide the best for you starting from classy tile floors, durable wood door choices, and the design of each comfortable room with maximum natural lighting and smooth air flow. Although we are very happy to provide the best for you, we still do not want to limit you to create according to your own creativity and desires. As soon as we hand over your keys, you can immediately start a new adventure in a residence that is completely your own. The Parc is a place to live that can improve the residents’ standard of living for the better.

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