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News 29/06/2020

Study Room Design Ideas and Working From Home

Having space to study and work comfortably at home is a dream for many people. Moreover, with the work from home (WFH) and safe distancing (PJJ) rules, many professionals and students have to work and study from home. Increasingly, you’ll want to have a personal space where you can focus on doing assignments. Let’s look at some of the following ideas that can inspire you in decorating a study room at home:

  1. Aromatherapy candles and greenery

When you are working on an assignment, you definitely need a working mood so that you are always excited. Aromatherapy candles and greenery can refresh your space and increase motivation to work. You can place aromatherapy candles on the table so they always smell good. Meanwhile, you can hang green plants from the ceiling using a hanging pot.

  1. Wire wall grid

You must have often seen a bulletin board in your office. Bulletin boards are needed to post memos, reminders, calendars, photos, and so on. Now, you can replace your regular bulletin board with a wire wall grid, where photos, notes, and wire ornaments are displayed. You can display this wire wall grid in front of your table.

  1. Study lamp

When you are focused at night, you need adequate but not overwhelming lighting. Use an adjustable study lamp so that you can dim and brighten the light according to your needs. In addition, you should also use LED lights because they last longer and does not overheat.

So? Have you become interested in designing your own study room at home? You can take advantage of the additional space in your home as an ideal study space for you. Fortunia Residences comes with a variety of house types that provide various types of rooms according to your needs. We believe that home is a place where all your needs can be met. Now you can make your home a comfortable and fun place to work, study, and create with ease.

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