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News 15/06/2020

Are Apartments profitable Investments?

Modern lifestyle and increasingly dense population growth in urban areas have made many people choose to live in apartments as a practical residential alternative to facilitate the mobility of their daily life. Seeing the good level of apartment residential sales, many people are then competing to buy apartments to be able to follow current property investment trends. You can be one of the potential apartment property investors that we mean, and maybe now you are wondering about the advantages or disadvantages of an apartment investment. If you are wondering if apartments are a worthwhile investment, you can answer it with another question, namely, “what kind of apartment is suitable for investment?”, because not all apartments have good investment power, so whether an investment is profitable or not always depends on the strategy you set beforehand. Here we summarize some apartment investment strategies that can bring you benefits:

  1. Pay attention to the location of the apartment

Before choosing an apartment to invest in, the first thing you should pay attention to is the location of the apartment. Today, people are looking for a strategic place to stay close to the city center and all important public facilities such as a business center, entertainment area, well-known educational institutions, and even a place with complete and comfortable facilietes. In addition, apartments must be easily accessible with various transportation modalities, especially modern transportation that is familiar to urban communities such as KRL, MRT, or busway. The location of the apartment is very important in determining the value of the apartment itself. If the apartment is located in a strategic location and is easy to reach from various directions, then the apartment is certainly located in a developing area, so there is great potential that apartment unit prices will continue to increase from time to time and its popularity will also be increasingly heard in the community. This can provide a big advantage for you as an investor.

  1. Pay attention to the completeness of the facilities

Apart from the strategic location, another thing that should be considered is the facilities of the apartment to be purchased. An abundance of facilities in the apartment can be an attraction for anyone to rent or even buy it. The facilities from the apartment manager are usually in the form of a mini market, fitness facilities and a swimming pool. It’s better to look for an apartment with complete and innovative facilities because it is certain that the apartment will become one of the most famous and in demand in the area.

  1. Pay attention to Developers and Managers

Lastly, it is very important for you to take a look at and ascertain the developer of the apartment you want to buy. You need to know the people behind the construction of your apartment, because now there are many apartment projects that have not been built or have stopped in the middle of the road due to a lack of attention from the developer. Apart from that, you can also look at the projects and work of your previous apartment developers, to determine if the developer actually built the area according to their design.

The three points above can guide and increase your knowledge about the advantages of apartment investment. In essence, the benefits of investing in an apartment depend on the choice of the apartment itself. Now, The Parc is here for those of you who want to try investing, because The Parc is a high-class apartment that meets all the requirements above: its strategic location on the border of Depok, South Tangerang and South Jakarta and close to various public facilities and important locations. The most complete and innovative facilities that are different from other apartments are also available. With these strength points, The Parc is an ideal apartment that is very promising for you to invest.

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